Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Boojum was a big and noble dog.  Most people thought of him as very polite.  His manners were that of a human that went to schooling for etiquette.  He was the points Mascot.  He was respected by most everyone, so much that people who camped here would make him special dinners or would include him in their dinners and prepare him his own personal plate.

One evening I had just finished preparing Boojum a huge halibut dinner.  All the while I could see him raising his nose to the air sniffing all the smells coming from everyone else’s camp dinners that were being prepared for the evening.  I finished his dinner for him and sat it down and watched as he gulped it down.  Within 10 minutes he was on his merry way down the road to the camps down below.  He didn’t return until much later that night. We found out the next night when we went down for dinner at one of our friends camp that Boojum had been visiting the other campers during "dinner time"!

As we approached the other campsites we started hearing people calling out Boojum’s name when they saw him coming.  There were 3 different camps calling his name at the same time and Boojum was heading one way to someone holding a plate of food for him then someone else would call his name and he would stop and turn to walk over to them who also had food for him  and also the other camp would call for him holing his plate of food.  He was having such a hard time trying to make up his mind which way to go he kept turning circles until his nose finally took over and he went to one of them.  We stopped and watched and had a good laugh at all the people offering him food.  Even with my great halibut dinners for him he wasn’t satisfied.  Who would be with those kinds of meals waiting.

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