Saturday, March 5, 2011

Big Red Trauma Center - Nov. 2008

Every year in November my brother Phil and one of our best friend's, Hillary head to Baja to camp and surf with us for 2 weeks. Here are some pics of their camp.

Phil at camp

"Agave anyone?"

Phil and Hillary
Foggy morning!

Phil, Hillary & Glen
Relaxing at sunset

Hillary hanging out

Roberta, Phil & Hillary

During this trip we had alot of hard offshore winds combined with good surf.  Unfortunately for Phil (with 2 days left of their trip) the winds got the better of him.  However, not to fear, Big Red was quickly turned into a state of the art trauma center and Glen went to work fast to save the day.  Good thing we carry a stocked first aid kit! 

Here is a video of what can happen on a hard offshore day. I must warn you, this is a bit bloody and graphic, so if you don't have a strong stomach, maybe you should not watch.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pushed At The Border

Roberta and I were heading north back to the U.S. when Big Red began kicking and bucking like an old Brahma Bull, acting up like never before. Something was really giving it a problem. It was loosing power to where it was laboring uphill. If I had to stop for any reason I would have to stop on a hill downside so I could pop start the engine cause it would start regular and it wouldn’t keep an idle. This was a bummer cause I knew I was going to be in big trouble at the border line if I couldn’t keep the engine revved and it died on me. I thought how I was going to be able to start it again. I could only hope that I didn’t blow it. Well the time came when I had to face up to the border line and Big Red was having a fit. Between trying to keep it at a high RMP and moving forward and stepping on the brake so I didn’t hit the car in front of me, it was a major physical and mental mind screw. I made it down as far as where all the Vendederos and shops are under the bridge. But right about there is where my clutch pedal leg was starting to cramp up and that’s when I lost the RMP’s and stalled Big Red.

The Vendedoros and their buddies saw and heard me trying to start Big Red with no luck. One of them came up to me and asked if I wanted a push. I said sure but Big Red is real heavy and is not starting. He said not to worry and waved to some of the other Vendederos. They got 5 guys together and tried to get me enough push but it wasn’t enough to pop the clutch. I said thanks but he insisted on trying again. He said, “one minute my friend. I will get more to push you.” He managed to get 10 guys all together. The best thing about these guys was they were on different places of Big Red with one hand on Big Red and in their other hand they were still holding their trinkets and blankets. They kept a space clear in front of Big Red of about 4 cars so we could get enough speed to pop the clutch. So I told him when I was ready and he gave the word, and all at once with a huge effort from all of them Big Red got enough momentum so I could pop the clutch. Just before I ran into the car in front of me it started and all the Vendederos shouted, “Viva El Toro!” I called the guy over and dumped my whole box of change in his hands which was about $20 and he was happy and so was I. I kept Big Red running and made it home again.