Friday, February 11, 2011

Boojum Picks His Headstone


When my dog Boojum was about 8 years old he and I were walking on the edge of one of our favorite hills to walk. It’s a beautiful place which has an unobstructed view of the whole area that we like to surf and camp. It’s a very peaceful place. If you look to the east you see nothing but mountains and hills dotted with different types of cactus. The rock formations are beautiful. Then turn and look directly behind in the opposite direction to the west and all you see is the shoreline and the expanse of the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

On this day Boojum and I were walking side by side on the ridge. I stopped and I said to Boojum, “Booj someday your gonna pass away and your gonna need to have a place to be buried out here where I know you love to be, where you can always be free.” And while he was standing there looking directly at me with his brown eyes as if he knew what I was saying to him, I said “Booj what do you think about up here on the ridge? Would you like to be up here somewhere?” After I said that, he turns and walks about 25 feet away and starts sniffing this big boulder. Then he lifts his leg and pisses all over it. I watched him and I laughed and said; “OK pal, that’s where you will be.” And that is where he is now buried. Roberta and I can see his headstone when we drive in and when we leave and we always say hi and see ya Booj.

Glen, Apollo and Roberta, At Boojums
Photo By:  Boots McGhee


What The x?!# Is That?

Rocky hanging out in a cool tidepool

Back in 1974, Bill Minard, my girlfriend Linda at the time, my dog, a lab named Rocky and myself were lazing in a nice waist deep tide pool in Abreojos. It was a really hot day, where all you wanted to do was just lay by someplace cool. So that’s what we were doing. While we were enjoying it and watching my dog Rocky, who was black and really loving the cool water, pawing his way around the tide pool he suddenly jumped back which jolted all of us with some excitement as to what the X?!# was that? Then as we jumped out of the water we settled down and took a good look as to what made him jump.

Down by his paws there was a big purple and blue crab with some very intimidating set of pinture claws. Then the crab started moving into shallower water and Rocky and him had a face off! Rocky was barking and the crab stood there with claws ready to draw blood. We let the face off go on for a few minutes then I pulled Rocky back and gave the crab a chance to escape to the safety of the rocks.

Rocky checking out the crab
We then realized we were surrounded by tentacles coming out from all the holes and deep cracks in the submerged rocks. At the other end of those tentacles or feelers were lobsters! To our surprise we had been sitting in this tide pool surrounded by dozens of lobsters!

So Bill and I began laughing and started pulling out lobsters by the hand full! There must have been 20 to 30 nice sized lobsters so we picked about 6 and took them to camp and boiled then up and had a grand feast. How much easier could it get? That only happened the one time and never again.