Sunday, June 28, 2015

How I Got My Name

Back in the late 30's and 40's my parents were good friends with Chuck Yeager and Glen Edwards, the two most famous test pilots for the Air Force.  My dad use to go hunting with Chuck and Glen for pheasant, duck and dove.  My parents use to go out dancing with Chuck and Glen and their wives and have a grand time.  When my parents would tell me these stories their faces would light up at these wonderful memories.  My dad's favorite one is when Chuck held parties at his place.  They; Chuck, Glen and my dad would jump into Chuck's plane and fly somewhere to fish for trout and return with fresh caught trout for the party.  My mom would gather together with the wives and sit around and sew and chit chat.

Years later while Glen Edwards had been test flying the Air Force new plane (The Flying Wing) he was killed when the plane crashed.  

Sometime later the Air Force held a dedication ceremony in honor of Glen and to change the Air Force Base from Muroc Air Force Base to Edwards Air Force Base.  At the time of the dedication ceremony my mother and father were on the platform with Glen's family members, Chuck Yeager and dignitaries.  My mother was pregnant with me at the time and that's when they decided that if I was a boy they would name me after Glen Edwards.  

So that's how I got my name, Glen Edward Horn.