Monday, February 23, 2015


So a good friend just stopped by, non runner but surfer. She asked me why do I put myself through all the training for a marathon if I am only going to hurt and never win!?! I patiently answered with this reply: Last year during the San Francisco Marathon I hurt like I never hurt ever in my life. The weather was hot and humid, 22 miles of it were HILLS, my asthma was kicking my butt and I had thought of quitting, why bother. My friend is now smiling, shaking her head, saying yes, wow, really, OMG! I continued on with this: Then at mile 13 a woman who had been running next to me said she was stopping, opting out at the first half marathon finish line and I should come with her. I shook my head no, sweat dripping to where I could almost not see, I told her I was going to keep going. She said are you sure? I replied, yes, very sure. She wished me good luck and we parted ways. Onward I went, alone and determined to finish no matter what. It didn't matter that at mile 19 I was crying because I hurt so bad from all those hills and heat and my breathing was so bad, it didn't matter that at mile 23 both my calves cramped up at the same time to where I almost went face down, it just didn't matter. All that mattered to me, was finishing and keeping the promise I made to myself that no matter what, I was going to finish. I was so scared at the start, I knew no one as I stood in my corral with hundreds of people but as I crossed the finish line that day last July, I was more proud of myself at that moment than in any time in my life. I didn't give up, I did win. My friend replied, "wow, I think I may have to start running!" Find your strong and make your life happy!  smile emoticon (Coach Mike Cornelison - you inspire me!)