Friday, February 21, 2014


The year was the early 1980's.  We were just finishing up our month and a half of exploring some of the lesser known points of Baja.  We were headed north and decided to pull into a point that at that time was known as Rincon de Baja.  Much to our surprise we found this ship standing straight up all the way into shore and almost to the cliff.  We noticed that it had a nice wave off the side of it so for the few days that we were there we had some fun waves off the ship.  

We later found out that just 2 weeks before we arrived the caption ran it a ground!  There were stories that maybe too much tequila and maybe some fog but one thing we know was, the captain skipped town but we don't know if he ever got caught.  The ship as you can see from the pictures was in perfect condition, complete with all the rigging.  Quite a sight wouldn't you say.