Saturday, March 5, 2011

Big Red Trauma Center - Nov. 2008

Every year in November my brother Phil and one of our best friend's, Hillary head to Baja to camp and surf with us for 2 weeks. Here are some pics of their camp.

Phil at camp

"Agave anyone?"

Phil and Hillary
Foggy morning!

Phil, Hillary & Glen
Relaxing at sunset

Hillary hanging out

Roberta, Phil & Hillary

During this trip we had alot of hard offshore winds combined with good surf.  Unfortunately for Phil (with 2 days left of their trip) the winds got the better of him.  However, not to fear, Big Red was quickly turned into a state of the art trauma center and Glen went to work fast to save the day.  Good thing we carry a stocked first aid kit! 

Here is a video of what can happen on a hard offshore day. I must warn you, this is a bit bloody and graphic, so if you don't have a strong stomach, maybe you should not watch.

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