Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Coyote, Boojum and Me

This was a time in Boojum’s life when he was struggling with a partially broken back and could barely walk much less try and run after coyotes. Boojum was a noble dog with a presence of grandness and calm.

This particular day Boojum was just basking in the sun and I was enjoying the sun also sitting beside Boojum and looking through a surf magazine. The surf was small and the day was still with just a slight breeze. Then I saw Boojum sit up with his attention directed to the southeast over the desert. I looked in the direction of his gaze and saw a coyote making his way towards us. Earlier that day I had taken some time to go diving to see about some halibut for dinner. I had just fed Boojum some of the halibut for his afternoon meal which was probably the reason the coyote was coming our way. He probably smelled Boojum’s meal which was still partially left in his bowl. So for the next few minutes Boojum and I watched as the coyote started getting closer and closer until he was within about 150 feet from our camp. By now Boojum was on full alert but not making a move. Then as the coyote came even closer I said to Boojum, “Hey Booj, what are you gonna do, that coyote is coming to get your food?” Right then Boojum got up and tried to chase after the coyote, one of the things he loved most to do, only when he got about 50 feet into his chase he collapsed from his back legs giving out and probably in pain.

This is the part that gets me. The coyote was about to run but when he saw Boojum fall he turned and started walking towards camp where I was sitting. Boojum saw this and struggled to his feet and came back to camp just as the coyote came into camp. I couldn’t believe that the coyote was being so unafraid and bold. As Boojum got to camp, partially dragging his back leg, he laid down. Now the coyote was about 20 feet from me and Boojum, he stopped, looked at Boojum and he laid down right there! Now the three of us sat in a triangle about the same distance from each other. It was quite a moment and it only lasted about a minute and a half but it was incredible. I looked straight into this wild animals eyes and said, “Mr. Coyote, what’s up? Do you feel bad about Boojum and are you giving him a little moment of sympathy? Cause you know if Booj was feeling good he’d give you a good chase”.

I got to sit there and just stare at the coyote and feel all his wisdom. I believe that he and Boojum must have had some fun times and good chases in the past for why else would the three of us just be hanging out together. It was a special moment and then the coyote casually got up and walked away.

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