Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friends in Baja

Over the years we have met some really great people and have been fortunate enough to make some wonderful and lasting friendships.  

Glen and Flemming

Roberta and Boots

Glen and Boots

Hillary, Roberta and Phil

Hillary and Glen - "Pizza Night!"

Ralph, Glen and Roberta (life of the party!)

Kevin and Glen

Roberta and Mary

Lanny and Ralph

Ralph and Mary

Glen and Jody

Phil, Hillary and Debbie

Jody, Vince and Glen

Jody, Roberta, Glen and Jimmy

Vince and Debbie 
At Glen's B-Day Party

Glen and Ed - Glen's B-day

Always fun at Glen's B-day parties!

Roberta, Barry and Glen
More party fun!

Kevin and Roberta

Kevin and Glen - Cool party hats!

Ed - Hey, who took my party hat?

Glen, Flemming, Jimmy and Mike

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