Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Overcoming Doubts & Insecurities

Sept. 8th, 2015
I decided to do my speed workout at the local high school track this morning. As I walked up there were 4 other students practicing. I asked if it was ok to use the track and they all said sure! These boys were all smiling. I thought to myself as I began my workout, I wonder why they were smiling at me, were they laughing maybe.....? As I was ending my first set, 2 of the boys zipped on by me, grinning. I kept my head down and kept going. I was feeling rather insecure about myself, how do I look, gosh their legs sure move fast, and what a kick they have....geez my feet barely move up off the ground....well they are WAY younger but still......I kept going......during my 4th set, my breathing was starting to get bad and my inhaler was on the bench a half of a lap away....I kept going.......
Then suddenly one of the the boys appeared beside me with my inhaler!!!! He stopped me and said "here, you need this, don't you?" I nearly cried my eyes out but held it together. He had such a caring look in his eyes. Then his other 3 friends ran up to us and asked if I was ok. One of them said he has asthma and knows how I feel and could tell I was not in a good place. We all walked a lap around the track together and these boys, young men, were some of the nicest people I have met in a long time. They told me they wished their parents were out doing stuff like I was! And added that they hoped that when they get to be my age (!), they were healthy enough to be running and living life. I had 6 sets to go and guess what....they continued on with their workouts but each time they zipped past me, they smiled, cheered and gave me high fives!!! 
I am really happy that I stepped out onto that track this morning and faced some of the things that slip into my thoughts leading me to doubt myself. Just another step to finding my strong. So to James, Steven, Joel and Jimmy, thank you for being such caring people!!