Tuesday, October 4, 2011


As we all know, ravens are pranksters, they love having a good time.  They seem to take any situation and turn it into a fun time.

Where we camp in Baja, the ravens hang out in numbers, sometimes you see as many as 8-10 just flying around or walking around our campsite.  When Boojum was about 8 years old, the ravens would love to play some dirty tricks on him with his dog biscuits, and I have to admit that I would help them with this particular prank.

Boojum loved to chase the ravens if they would get to close to camp as they would hop around on the ground making their cackling sounds and little gargling noises.  It would pretty much keep him busy when they were around.  He could never get a good siesta in for he always had to chase them.  Well I would take his dog biscuits, 2-3 of them and place them separately about 20 feet from each other.  The ravens would see me setting them down and would start to hop over.  Then Boojum would take off after them but all they would do is fly straight up and over his head and then land next to the other biscuits.  As soon as Boojum saw them land next to his other biscuits he would chase them from there and again they would just fly straight up and over him just out of his reach and again land next to the other biscuit.  Boojum was doing tail spins over and over chasing the ravens and I’d swear it sounded as if they were laughing the whole time!  This would go on for 10 minutes at a time.

Eventually Boojum and then ravens got the biscuits but Boojum never got the ravens, they were just to smart for him.

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