Tuesday, October 4, 2011


My girlfriend at the time and I were out one night driving around and decided to stop at a pet store with fish, birds, cats and dogs.  We weren’t looking for a pet, just out looking around and we thought it would be fun to look at some fish and birds.  We had just put our dog Rocky to sleep 2 months prior so we weren’t expecting to find a new pet.  We went in and we had been looking around for about a half hour and I walked to the back of the pet store where there were some cages.  I was looking at lizards and bigger birds and cats and then I came to a cage with these two little white balls of fur, little fat puppies.  I looked one the description and it said they were a Akita Siberian Husky mix.  They weren’t any bigger then the palms of my hands put together.  But I wasn’t looking for a pet so I just took a good look at those cute puppies and kept walking, slowly away.  I found my girlfriend looking at some fish and said, “hey, you wanna see some cute puppies?”  She looked at me suspiciously and said sure, sort of questionably.  We went over and looked and then she asked if we were getting one and I said “no I don’t think we are ready.”  I don’t think it sounded to convincing though.  But we left the pet store and got in the truck and started driving down the road.  We hadn’t gone to far and we were talking and then she said, “they sure were cute weren’t they?”  And I said they sure were.  Right then we looked at each other and I pulled over into a nearby parking lot, stopped the car and said, “ ah, do you think we should?” And all she said was, “they sure were cute.”  That was it.  We drove back, took a look at them both once more and picked out the male. We paid $39.95 for him and we were on out way home with our new puppy.  I named him Boojum  after the Boojum tree in Baja, otherwise known as the cirrus plant.

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