Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A “Tail” From The Boojum Chronicles - 1999

Boojum had been seen on may occasions, frequenting the campgrounds below.  Sheepishly standing on the perimeter looking in at those poor unsuspecting campers with their fresh warm plates of food.  Boojum had the ability to melt a person at eye contact, even the strongest of the unwilling campers, and have them invite him in for a tasty handout.  Boojum was by far one of the best con artists in his line of mooching a good handout.  Once he has thoroughly drained his new victims of every possible scrap of food, he hangs around for a few pets then quietly slips away and onto the next campsite.

I usually found out the next day that he had been generously fed chicken breasts, fine steaks, beans, spaghetti, pork chops, and deserts of various sorts.  Then I heard that the campers began to expect him at a certain time which Boojum was very familiar with (Dinner Time) and they had prepared something especially for him.  Now that’s a profession if there ever was one!

 As I look back now on various occasions when Boojums dinner, that I made for him was a little late, I thought I noticed a little impatience in him, especially when he would bang on the doorstep with his paw!  Here all the time I thought it was just because of hunger and he was reminding me to feed him.  No, that was not it at all!  Boojum was really trying to tell me;  Hurry up Pop’s, if you don’t hurry and feed me, I’ll have to stick around here and act like the loyal puppy and I’ll miss my dinner handouts down below.  So will you feed me so I can get going!

After finding out what had been going on all this time, I came to realize that Boojum was eating better than I was.  He was having all the fun hanging around all the different camps and campfires and listening to all the different jokes and stories till late at night.

One night, the one where he had been stuffed with all the goodies, he didn’t come home till very late, and I can just imagine him so plugged that he couldn’t make it all the way home without stopping on some soft patch along side of the road and having a short late night siesta before finishing his journey back home under the twinkling pf the starlit night.

So I think next year I will come to Baja prepared for those unsuspecting campers, and with my white Boojum fur coat I will make my way down to those generous and giving campers and be the happy recipient of Boojums masterful artwork.  Ah!  Just think how wonderful to waddle home with a full belly underneath a Baja starlit night.  Sorry Boojum, tuna fish and dog food for you tonight, I’ll untie you in the morning.

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