Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Treehouse Palapa, 
 A Vision of Love

Written By:  Glen Horn 1996

Finally my hands will create my boy hood dream.  Expression of feelings for the love of building.  Working with the beauty of natural gifts and placing them in harmony with one another.  Pleasing to the eye and the soul.  Gifts from the sea blending with the gifts from the land.  A symphony from earth, ah, she has so much to give.  We need not alter her but simply flow with her soothing touch.  She needs nothing in return except respect.

Simplicity and respect combined with Love, that feeling in life which brings all the colors present, my dream lives.  Expressions through my hands, the feelings of my soul.  No harm just pure Love.

I bought the lot from Virginia in 1995.  She is the 1st lady of San Juanico and the building was her house and a restaurant.

This is what I started with.  Virginia leveled the house and restaurant.

 My friends and I lifting the main poles.

   A good feeling after 5 days of work.

A better feeling after 2 weeks of work.

1st stages of the bull and the 1st roof on the palapa.

When I bought the lot I was on the outside of town.  We never saw a car come by the whole day when we dug this waterline!  You couldn't do this now.

 Finally our 1st sign!

A look down one of the many pathways on our property.

We grew our own bamboo to build with.  This is our arbour.

Roberta having fun building the arbour.

 Roberta busy making a fence for the garden.

Roberta picks the 1st cabbage from our garden.

After 8 months of being gone we have a weed garden!

 Roberta looking beautiful with the flowers.

The main tree.  Built with concrete and steel. 

Starting to look like real stone and wood.

Finished tree with roots on counter and seat.

Starting the outside bano.

Framing the entry for the palapa treehouse.

The dump use to be so close I designed this rickshaw to go to the dump. A year later they moved the dump!

Collecting rocks for our pathways.

Roberta having fun with her strength!

I just had to have this one, caveman style!

 8 foot entry french doors that I made with stained glass and ships wheels inside and out for the door handles.

Roberta crafting on her garden boxes.

Looking at our garden yard from the inside of our palapa.

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