Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Christmas Angel

There is an elderly man that I see on one of my running routes. He is always bundled up carrying his back pack, head down. He never looks at me...until today. As I was running toward him, he looked right at me and smiled! I always smile at him and today my smile was bigger! As I passed I felt sad so I immediately stopped, turned around and called for him. Amazingly he stopped, turned around and walked towards me. He looked shy and nervous. I noticed a set of dog tags around his neck and asked him if he was a veteran. His reply was a proud yes, he showed me his dogs tags and his ID and a picture of his wife who he said had passed away 3 years ago. I felt sad for I knew he was alone and homeless. I told him thank you for smiling at me this morning. He smiled back. He had such a child like innocence about him. I asked if he lived near by and he yes, "just over there"...."I don't have a home"....I told him I was sorry and then reached into my pocket and pulled out the money I carry with me on my long runs. It was not much, $40, but I handed it to him and said Merry Christmas my friend, I hope a miracle happens for you. He said "thank you my angel, you are a miracle and you have given me hope that not everyone is heartless..." 

So on this day I wish for him and every ignored veteran and every homeless person, that someone will bring a smile to them, and warm their hearts like this man did for me. 
For you see, I am not the angel, he is........
Merry Christmas....De. 2014

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