Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why Does He Keep Driving It?

Big Red camped in Baja

As you read these stories about all the mishaps that have happened with El Toro, you are probably wondering to yourself, why does he keep that thing that is always giving him problems?  Well I know it may sound a little strange but I like having the challenges that it gives me. True some are dangerous and I/we were lucky to make it safely through some, but the rest are either just plain wild and fun and most of all they test my ability to get out of a jam. Simply put, they make me feel alive, in touch, self reliant and test my ability to keep improvising.

The other reason is Big Red is one of a kind. There is no other rig like it. The Mexicans love it. It is the Big Red Bull, “El Toro Rojo Grande”. It represents their bullfighting heritage and brings smiles and laughter wherever we travel. From the police, to the military, to the road workers, to people in towns and villages, people wave and smile as we pass by. People drive by or stop and take pictures of the Bull. Or as we pass by we will see people waving and yelling; “Toro, Toro, Toro!” It’s a good feeling knowing that Big Red brings happiness to people and we feel accepted wherever we are.

Here is an interesting little coincidence. My last name is Horn, I’m a Taurus, my sign is The Bull, which in the night skies of Baja is directly above our camp every night . It is five stars that form a V, a set of celestial horns. I drive a rig which has a large set of Texas Longhorn Horns. It’s name is “El Toro Rojo Grande”, The Big Red Bull.  Everything has to do with the Bull and Horns.

So as you read these stories, we hope you get some enjoyment and feeling of adventure. Thanks for traveling with us.

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