Tuesday, October 18, 2011


There was a time early in the days of traveling to Baja that I would venture down with my friend Bill Minard and usually some other friends also.  We would do short 2 or 3 day trips.  Most of us had jibs to get back to, so the short journeys were fine.

This one trip Bill and I were traveling together in my 63’ Rambler Station Wagon  with an automatic transmission that was slipping under pressure in drive so whenever we came to a hill I would have to shit into low to make it up any hill.  We never had any problem with it.  At the time my left arm was in a cast so I drove one armed.  I couldn’t surf so Bill was the designated surfer and I would use his camera to take surf shots.  We had 2 couples tag along with us.  Our first spot we were looking for was a left and we had heard it was supposed to be pretty good.  Bill is a goofy footer so he wanted to see if this place could be found.  We were down about 180 miles and we found what might be the place.  Bill and the other 2 guys went out.  I was able to get a few good shots of Bill and one ha actually used in an ad he ran in the surf mags for his surfboards that he shaped.  Later that day we moved down the coast  a few miles and made camp at a place that we were familiar with. 

When it was time for a nature call it seemed as though these two dogs would come out from
nowhere and as soon as the nature call was over with,  the two dogs were on it like a fast food take out.  It was pretty hideous to see these two starving dogs enjoy our last meals with such welcoming appetites. 

At night by the campfire we were all sitting around and one of the guys got so shit faced he fell into the fire and his girlfriend started screaming to do something which we were already moving to get him out and nothing happened to him anyway, he wasn’t in the fire but a few seconds.  His girlfriend put him in the van and then came back out to sit by the fire.  Well a few minutes later those two shit eating dogs came around while we were passing around some snacks.  The next thing we knew the dogs were in the girls lap, kissing and licking her on the face and we just couldn’t believe it.  She was making the cute kissy kissy dog sounds and giggling!  Apparently she hadn’t made a nature call yet otherwise she wouldn’t have let those dogs kiss and lick her face.  We didn’t tell her where the dogs had their last meal.  We just humored ourselves and watched.  We knew where those tongues had been.   YUK!!  It was pretty though.  Bill and I still crack up when we talk about it.

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