Tuesday, October 18, 2011


There was one time when I was at a gas station filling up on gas, cleaning my windows, checking the oil, water and the air in my tires, a full pit stop for my truck. Rocky is usually pretty patient but I guess this time maybe he must have seen something or smelled something, whatever it was he jumped out of the truck without me knowing it.  After I paid my bill and got back in my truck and took off I didn’t check for rocky because he never jumped out before this time.  I left the station and about 15 minutes later I realized Rocky wasn’t in the back of the truck, my heart sank just then.  Had he jumped out while I was driving?  Then I said to myself he must have jumped out at the gas station, I hope!  When I pulled into the station the attendant yelled out, “there is someone waiting for you!” and pointed to the pump I had used and there was Rocky sitting patiently waiting for me to return.  He spotted me and started wagging his tail as I pulled along side he jumped in.  I got out and gave him a pat on the head and told him I was sorry, it wouldn’t happen again and we were off on the road once again.

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